All-Virginia Scale Range Clarification and Errata

With the newly accepted revisions to the All-Virginia Scale Ranges that were voted on were voted in at the general membership meeting at the Homestead, some of the brass ranges go outside the chromatic ranges and the numbers of octaves for certain instruments.

Will students be penalized for playing outside the octaves or ranges?

No credit or penalty will be given for extra octaves beyond what is in  the printed instructions. In the end, it is in the student's best  interest to stick to the requirements.  A student who is knowingly  trying to exceed the requirements, will probably be more nervous and may  have problems in the scale that could have an adverse effect the on the  rest of the scale performance and the rest the student's audition. There  is no benefit for students to exceed the requirements.

Errata on the published information:

Piccolo: both C & Db will be 1 octave

Contra Clarinet: A, Bb, Cb/B, C are all 1 octave, chromatic: E below staff to G# above staff (2 octaves + 3rd)

Tuba: E will be 2 octaves 

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