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 Grade  Instrument  Type  Title  Composer  Arranger  Publisher
4 Flute 1-Solo Gabriel-Marie, Jean
6 Flute 1-Solo/Unacc. "--and the Strange, Unknown Flowers--" Delaney, Charles Southern Music
5 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo "Ah! Bello A Me Ritorn" (Norma) Bellini, V. WIM
4 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo "Ah! Lo So" (Magic Flute) Mozart WIM
3 Clarinet, Bb 8-Octet "Air" from Suite No 3 in D Bach Ken
4 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo "Allegro Vivace" from Sonatina Op 137 Schubert JS- (Ply)
3 Saxophone, Tenor 1-Solo "Andante" from Concerto Haydn JS- (Ply)
6 Flute 4-Quartet "Aqua" from Aqua and Ventus (4 C Flutes) NOTE: Slightly too long, will need to cut repeated section and verify piece is no longer than 6 minutes) Rozman, Anze Alry
2 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo "Aria" Neukomm JS- (Ply)
3 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo "Brindi" - Drinking Song (LaTraviata) Verdi, G. WIM

Page 1 of 1148 Results 1 - 10 of 11475

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