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 Grade  Instrument  Type  Title  Composer  Arranger  Publisher
1 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo Clarinet Solos for the Young Player Book I (#1) Bordner, Gerald
6 Bass Clarinet 1-Solo Petites Musiques De Chevet Jolas, Betsy
6 Flute 1-Solo Masks (4 movements) Hoover, Katherine
4 Flute 1-Solo Gabriel-Marie, Jean
6 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo Overture for Clarinet Op 34 Baksa, R. ABr- (TTR)
5 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo Dance (she waits...)(unaccp) Laughlin, J. ABr- (TTR)
4 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo Ill. from Dwarf-land from Three Pieces MacDowell ABr- (TTR)
6 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo Sonata No 2 (play 1st,2nd or 4th mvt) (printed manuscript) Etler, A. ABr- (TTR)
5 Oboe 1-Solo Gardens Schickele, P. ABr- (TTR)
3 Clarinet, Bb 1-Solo By Smouldering Embers (from Three Pieces) MacDowell ABr- (TTR)

Page 1 of 1148 Results 1 - 10 of 11475

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